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RINA UK wins the Level Up Award for employee wellbeing

26 Jun 2024

How we use the YuLife app to boost our wellbeing culture and make RINA UK a positive place to work

Level Up Award RINA UKWe are proud to announce that we have won the Level Up Award by YuLife, our life insurance provider that rewards companies for doing daily wellbeing activities.  

What is Level Up Award? 

The Level Up Award is a prize given by YuLife to companies that use the YuLife app and show outstanding engagement and participation in wellbeing activities like walking, meditating, physical exercises and of course Yudoku, YuLife’s version of the brain training game Sudoku. 

How did we win? 

We won the award thanks to the amazing participation of our RINA UK employees, who have loved the YuLife app and made it part of their daily routine. Collectively over the last 12 months, we have walked over 2 million steps, cycled 10,000km, completed 8,600 Yudoku puzzles and meditated over 1,700 hours. Best of all, we earned over 2.3 million YuCoin, the app’s wellbeing currency, which is equivalent to nearly £3,000.  

Keeping improving our employee happiness  

The YuLife app is not just about rewards. It is also about improving our wellbeing and happiness at work. We have seen a significant increase in employee satisfaction and engagement since we started using the app. We have also noticed a positive impact on our mental health, physical fitness, productivity and creativity. The YuLife app helps us to stay motivated, connected and supported. 

We will keep using the YuLife app and encourage our employees to enjoy its benefits and to make RINA UK a positive place to work. 

Become part of our wellbeing culture 

If you are interested in joining our team and becoming part of our wellbeing culture, check out our career site and apply for our open job positions. We are looking for talented and passionate people who share our values and vision.  

Justyna Bailey