Flyability and RINA together to design the training of drone pilots -

Flyability and RINA together to design the training of drone pilots

10 Apr 2024

A new partnership for indoor and confined space pilot certification

RINA and Flyability

Today we are pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Flyability, the Swiss-based industry leader in constructing confined-space drones. Their drones are designed to gather data and complete inspections in dangerous and confined spaces instead of putting people at risk in these environments. 

The partnership will include knowledge sharing and the design of unique training courses specific to indoor and confined space inspection activities in areas including oil and gas, infrastructure, industrial plants, large transportations, and others.

Flyability and RINA will each use their respective expertise to create tailored training programs for drone pilots using UAVs wherever there is a need for these confined space inspections. This includes relying on RINA’s expertise across multiple industries and Flyability’s knowledge of challenging inspections in complex environments. 

In addition, training courses will be designed to optimize data collection during inspections. Through training and certification, drone pilots that are part of this course will be able to help streamline inspections by providing high-quality data from hard-to-access environments. 

Pasquale Fattore, Inspections Product Management Director at RINA, said: "This groundbreaking partnership represents a crucial step forward in the drone industry. We will share knowledge and standards on drone inspections, innovating and developing our field. What's more, operator safety will be at the heart of everything. The use of drones in confined spaces will eliminate the need for human entry, saving precious lives."

Pasquale Fattore