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Leonardo Emissions Software: your solution to sustainable maritime operations

04 Apr 2024

Discover our new Leonardo Emissions' data-driven approach

Leonardo EmissionsLeonardo Emissions is our latest digital innovation, transforming raw data into sustainable maritime operations. With its advanced features and capabilities, Leonardo Emissions is the ideal solution for companies seeking to improve their environmental performance and comply with regulations. 

What makes Leonardo Emissions stand out in the maritime industry?

Leonardo Emissions isn't just software; it's a comprehensive solution designed to elevate environmental performance and ensure compliance with stringent regulations. From data verification and management to real-time validation, it's the ultimate tool for sustainable navigation. 

What are the key features of Leonardo Emissions? 

Key features include robust data verification and management tools, ensuring accurate carbon emissions accounting and seamless compliance with regulations. Additionally, it serves as a trusted source of verified emissions data, essential for stakeholders across the maritime value chain.

Why should companies embrace Leonardo Emissions? 

With its comprehensive coverage and real-time validation capabilities, Leonardo Emissions offers a pathway to reliable, verified emissions data. By choosing this solution, companies not only foster trust among stakeholders but also make significant strides towards achieving decarbonisation goals. 

How does Leonardo Emissions facilitate emissions management, reporting, and verification? 

When integrated with the Vessel Report System (VRS) (Sertica.com), Leonardo Emissions becomes the ultimate tool for emission management, reporting, and verification. With its advanced monitoring features, it establishes a robust framework for tracking emissions, ensuring adherence to regulations, and navigating towards sustainable practices. 

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