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RINA supports TBC Bank in decarbonizing its loan portfolio

26 Mar 2024

Aligning with the Paris Agreement to reduce indirect carbon footprint

RINA Banks decarbonisationAs part of our collaboration with GCPF (Global Climate Partnership Fund), RINA is proud to support our partner TBC Bank (Georgia) in its efforts to decarbonize its loan portfolio. 

This project aligns with the international climate goals set by the Paris Agreement, which calls for financial institutions to direct financial flows towards more sustainable activities and reduce their indirect carbon footprint.  

The project is structured in three main phases, allowing for a systematic and organized approach. Each phase builds coherently upon the previous one, using a defined methodological approach to calculate the carbon emissions intensity at the portfolio level. This includes identifying decarbonization strategies and targets, and continuosly evaluating their alignment with the goals of the Paris Agreement. 

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In alignment with the objectives of the Paris Agreement for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, we are proud to be one of the pioneering consulting firms thanks to our experience with International Financial Institutions (IFIs), the European Commission and private investors.  

We can support financial institutions in the decarbonization of their loan portfolio:  

- Assessment of Paris Agreement alignment: We help financial institutions assess how their activities and strategies align with the climate change goals and commitments outlined in the Paris Agreement.

- Ex-ante validation of the carbon neutrality management plan: We provide a systematic, independent, and documented process to evaluate the plausibility of actions and initiatives designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

- Ex-post verification reporting and/or achievement of carbon neutrality: We provide a systematic, independent, and documented process to evaluate the actual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the completion of planned actions. This is normally carried out for compliance with criteria and requirements defined in the previously validated carbon neutrality management plan.

Our support for TBC Bank in this project demonstrates our commitment to global climate action and the transition towards a more sustainable future.  

Join us in this effort and take steps towards decarbonizing your loan portfolios

Sara Abd Alla