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BUILT4PEOPLE partnership: shaping a sustainable Europe’s built environment

23 Jan 2024

RINA is part of Built4People, a co-programmed partnership in Horizon Europe

RINA is part of Built4people partnershipIn the ever-evolving landscape of Europe's built environment sector, collaboration is key to shaping a sustainable and people-centric future. 

We are part of Built4People, a co-programmed partnership in Horizon Europe. This initiative brings together the European Commission and two influential associations, the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) and the World Green Building Council Europe (WorldGBC Europe), uniting a membership base of relevant stakeholders in the built environment. 

Our Active Engagement

We are committed to sustainability and share Built4People's vision for responsible construction and urban development.

We are working towards a sustainable, resilient, and people-centered future for the European built environment. Currently, we are engaged in various projects in collaboration with partners from across Europe and beyond.

We are leveraging augmented intelligence to simplify and enhance the entire building renovation lifecycle through the RINNO project. This initiative, with an occupant-centered approach, addresses aspects from initial planning and design to retrofitting and ongoing monitoring.

With the MULTICLIMACT project, we are developing tools to support public stakeholders and citizens in assessing the resilience of the built environment against locally relevant natural and climatic hazards. This effort enhances preparedness and responsiveness throughout the life cycle of built structures.

Thanks to the EVELIXIA project, we are on a mission to revolutionize the role of buildings in energy management, efficiency, and occupant comfort. The goal is to reshape the European building stock into Active Utility Nodes (BAUNs) marked by energetic efficiency, connectivity, smartness, and flexibility.

We are enabling homes and small businesses across the EU to optimize energy consumption and assess live energy performance by developing a universal methodology for positive energy homes and residential districts (REN+HOMES) and deploying Augmented intelligence solutions in buildings, considering the quality of appliances/systems installed, user operational habits, and the smart readiness of a building (AUTO-DAN).

Through the BUILDCHAIN project, we are working on building a Knowledge Base that can trace all activities related to the overall life cycle of buildings. The goal is to provide a marketplace where various actors can share their offers, including quality certificates and credentials, ultimately enhancing the sustainability and energy efficiency of the building stock.

Lastly, the newly launched SEEDS project showcases replicable heat pump solutions integrated with renewable energy to decarbonize buildings' thermal demand. 

These projects have received funding  from the European Union Research and Innovation programmes: Horizon Europe: MULTICLIMACT  (G.A. 101123538); REN+HOMES (G.A. 101103450); EVELIXIA (G.A.101123238); SEEDS  (G.A.101138211); BUILDCHAIN G.A. 101092052) and Horizon 2020: RINNO (G.A. 892071); AUTO-DAN 101000169

Leonardo Corsi