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RINA introduces WATCHFUL Certification for Closed Circuit Television Systems on Cruise Ships

02 Jan 2024

A new method to validate the evolution of Closed Circuit Television systems onboard cruise ships which raised the interest of the United States Coast Guard (USCG)

cruise shipWe are glad to announce that we designed a new tailored technology qualification method for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems on cruise ships called Watchful. This method validates the technology and solutions used in CCTV systems to ensure their fitness for purpose, safety, reliability, and compliance with regulatory frameworks.

The optimisation process

A significant added value of the Watchful Certification is “the optimization process” of the camera’s coverage in terms of numbers, models, and locations, where the Flow Path Monitoring approach evaluates the area to be monitored, considering its surroundings and access routes.

This optimization process can start from the review of the ship’s CAD layout plans, supporting operators, owners, and ship designers with an immediate graphical understanding of the CCTV coverage. 

The optimization process is aimed at reducing the number of CCTV cameras, optimizing the system layout together with network configuration, supporting designers, shipyards and owners in the installation process, and security operators in its operability and maintenance procedures. 

Part of the process is an accurate analysis of the CCTV system, which typically includes fundamental considerations, such as ship type, surveillance location and installation point, type of technology, coverage area optimization, and network integration.

Expansion beyond cruise ships

Beyond its initial application on cruise ships, the Watchful Certification is expanding its footprint. Today, it stands as a comprehensive and robust standard applicable not only to vessels but also to shore-based infrastructures interfacing with the maritime domain, including both existing and newly conceptualized cruise and cargo terminals. This ensures a homogeneous architecture aligned with the increasingly complex and high-performance needs of both onboard and portside operators.

The advantages of the Watchful Certification

Watchful Certification stands as a comprehensive and robust standard that effectively encompasses all the essential criteria for the acceptance of a modern CCTV system on board ships. This certification not only ensures the seamless integration of advanced technological solutions but also guarantees the highest levels of safety, efficiency, and reliability in maritime operations.