Renewal Training Course for Marine Surveyors -

Renewal Training Course for Marine Surveyors

22 Nov 2023

Enhancing knowledge, skills, and competence of our people

 REN training course for marine surveyorsThe Renewal (REN) training course is the most advanced and complex training course for marine surveyors, who need to perform renewal surveys on all types of ships and manage complex surveys. The course follows the IACS PR 7 standards and combines e-learning, webinars, classroom and practical training on board.

From September 1st to October 25th, 2023, 25 RINA people, coordinated by experienced surveyors as trainers and tutors, attended the REN training course. The classroom and practical training took place in Tuzla, Turkey, where many ships were undergoing renewal surveys and repairs at local shipyards.

The training course emphasized the safety issues and procedures for surveyors, such as the management of personal protective equipment (PPE), confined spaces access, use and calibration of portable gas detectors, and work at height. A dedicated training session and a practical demonstration were held on the first day of practical training.

The trainees, divided in five groups, each coordinated by a tutor, attended various types of ships, such as bulk carriers Enhanced Survey Programme (ESP), oil chemical tankers ESP, general cargo and gas carrier, performing renewal surveys and repairs. They also completed classroom activities and test cases simulating practical and particular situations on board.
The training course was successfully completed by all candidates, who achieved the REN qualification after passing the final examination. 

The training course was a valuable opportunity to enhance the knowledge, skills, flexibility and competence of RINA surveyors worldwide.

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Maurizio Nigito