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A fully digitalised construction site

28 Aug 2023

RINA tool "digitalizes" construction sites, monitoring people, equipment, and materials in real-time

Construction sites require critical safety issues to be effectively addressed, both by enabling protection measures to prevent accidents and by ensuring ongoing training to minimize exposure risks. 

In this respect, technology and digital platforms can play a significant role in enhancing safety practices. 

What are the key advantages of a fully digitalised construction site? 

- Enhanced collaboration: digital tools enable collaboration and communication among stakeholders, guaranteeing operational continuity and ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget. 

- Increased efficiency: with the aid of BIM, robotic systems and automation, construction processes can be executed with greater accuracy and precision, reducing human error and leading to significant time and cost savings. 

- Improved safety: wearable technologies, digital sensors and IoT devices enable real-time monitoring of worksites, to identify potential hazards and implement proactive safety measures. 

- Sustainable solutions: digitalisation empowers the development of more environmentally friendly construction projects, in terms of environmental monitoring, energy efficiency, resource consumption and waste management.   

Our digital tool for construction sites 

Do you know that it is now possible to reshape the way we manage the environmental and waste-related challenges of construction sites? 

At RINA, we have developed a digital tool that provides global industry stakeholders with a comprehensive decision support system on what is happening on site and how to manage it. 

Equipped with sensors, cameras, monitoring units, RFID codes, and other innovative features, the tool facilitates the real-time collection and transmission of environmental, material, and equipment data to a centralized platform, and makes use of AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to compare monitoring results.   

It is our goal to ensure operational continuity on construction sites while adhering to regulatory frameworks, ultimately enabling a more sustainable approach to any project. 

Moreover, since we firmly believe that, in safety-relevant environment, testing and training is fundamental, we continuously test the solution and the technological updates both in operational and controlled environments to ensure reliability, robustness and usability. 

Would you like to take advantage of our tool? 

Clemente Fuggini