Cyber Threat Intelligence -

Cyber Threat Intelligence

14 Mar 2023

This is why effective Cyber Threat Intelligence must me strategical and actionable

As cyber-attacks become more targeted and sophisticated, organizations are facing an increased risk of having their assets compromised. Cyber attackers, ranging from hackers and hacktivists to criminals and nation states, conduct intensive preliminary research on their targets before attacking them. These threat actors are commonly referred to as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). For this reason, organisations are in fact expected to leverage intelligence that is both Strategical and Actionable. 

In view of this background, the main goals of Cyber Threat Intelligence can be gathered as follows: 

- Primary goals: providing timely, accurate and relevant information on current and emerging cyber threats 

- Prospective goals: supporting security strategy and operations in order to develop awareness of the business environment and improve risk management in the short and long term 

To effectively conduct cyber threat intelligence activities, organisations are supposed to lean on the different types of existing intelligence.

In this regard, operative threat intelligence can provide targeted analysis on potentially relevant campaigns and threats in the short and long term; tactical threat intelligence deals with high-frequency collection and analysis of technical data; strategical threat intelligence helps define strategic objectives, assess threats and update the cyber threat landscape of the organisation.  

On this basis, some key elements of Cyber Threat Intelligence can be pointed out: the importance of early detection and analysis of incidents; answering to questions who (the attacker), why (the motivation), how (TTPs - Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures) and what (IoC – Indicators of Compromise); making intelligence actionable. 

Through the extensive experience in Cyber Threat Intelligence, the RINA Cybersecurity Division is already supporting many organisations in successfully reducing their digital risk. We provide our clients with the most advanced technologies to detect data loss, protect the brand online and reduce the attack surface, among many others. 

Would you like to learn more about how we help our customers adopt a strategical and actionable approach to Cyber Threat Intelligence? Contact us now.  

Federico Deprati