Data Management and Analysis -

Data Management and Analysis

14 Feb 2023

This is why a good security strategy is based also on proper data handling

Data management and analysis are essential components of cybersecurity. In the modern digital world, large amounts of data are constantly being created, stored, and accessed. Organizations need to be able to manage and analyze this data to ensure not only the security of their networks and systems, but also to preserve the business continuity.  

Data management is the process of collecting, organizing, and providing access to data. This includes identifying the types of data that are relevant to cybersecurity, establishing policies and procedures for data security, and monitoring access to sensitive data. It also includes creating backups of data, ensuring data is kept up-to-date, and storing data in secure locations.  

Data analysis
is the process of examining data to identify patterns and correlations. This includes examining log files, system configurations, and user activity to identify potential security threats. It also includes machine learning techniques to identify patterns in data that could indicate malicious activity.  

These elements are part of the wider domain of Data Driven Security, that is an approach to security program management which relies on measurable factors to provide better decision-making in terms of cybersecurity. 

In this context, the RINA cybersecurity division has strong experience in many domains, such as SIEM solutions (that is Security Information and Event Management) and integrations with our Decision Support System HOLOS. In fact, our technology can collect data from a wide range of sources, both internal and external to the organisation, process it, and support the company in making targeted and effective decisions to protect itself from cyber threats. 

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Federico Deprati