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HOLOS - The Decision Support System for Cyber World

31 Jan 2023

How RINA helps organisations make the best decisions in cyber security

The increasing complexity and continuous evolution of modern IT environments, as well as integration with OT systems, result in additional risks for companies and bring new challenges for security teams. Companies have to make quick decisions at multiple levels of the organization, with the aim of reducing risk more effectively. 

Managers are experiencing increasing pressure in meeting market demands, as well as acting on countless news, information and bulletins. All these factors cause them to lose focus on what is important and make decision making increasingly critical and subject to errors. 

In this context, our HOLOS, the innovative suite of digital products which, by harmonizing the information and platforms already present in the company, provides a Decision Support System for measuring and reducing digital risks with the aim to protect corporate assets. This provides useful results addressed to all organizational levels, from Tactical to Executive. 

HOLOS is meant to support business decisions and direct top management toward more informed and targeted choices for optimal management of IT risks, fraud, and cyber threats. 

HOLOS covers a wide range of areas, including but not limited to Risk, Fraud, and Mobile Devices:

- HOLOS Risk can collect, correlate, and calculate information related to IT risk, combining information from traditional assessments with information from technology systems, in order to detect vulnerabilities on assets. 

- HOLOS Fraud Prevention provides a multi-channel fraud information system and offers a comprehensive view of the fraud pressure on the organization. 

- HOLOS Mobile uses information and events from Device Management platforms and Mobile Threat Defense solutions in order to provide a single monitoring console. 

Want to know how HOLOS can fit in your organization and support you make the best decisions in cyber security? Contact us now 

Federico Deprati