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What does it mean working at RINA?

23 Nov 2022

Watch our brand new “Employee Value Proposition” video and learn the story of our daily lives at work

A merging of different cultures, a spirit of collaboration and professional growth: we are more than 4,600 people around the world, committed to simplify complexities with a focus on energy transition, ESG and digitalization.

At RINA, we create, we innovate, we collaborate, we work together, in a flexible and multicultural environment, to overcome the challenges of the future.

In particular, we specialise in testing, inspection, certification and engineering solutions across a wide range of markets including, among others, marine, energy and mobility, real estate and infrastructure, space and defence, industry 4.0.

Why should you join RINA?

Our value is in people and their skills, and we believe in the development and growth of all our employees.

Moreover, we believe that incorporating continuous feedback into the company culture greatly enhances people’s motivation and engagement, as well as managers’ empowerment, negotiation capabilities and communication with their team members.

This is why feedback is present since the earliest stages of the selection process: candidates taking our assessments will receive a personalised feedback summarising their strengths and weaknesses, whether they are selected or not.

Moreover, we have remote working policies varying according to specific country laws.

Are you curious about our ways of working?

There is no better way to describe what RINA is, rather than telling the story of our daily lives at work.

For this reason, we shot a footage in our offices, involving our colleagues in this video, that embodies our idea of your first day with us.

“Hi there” is indeed a welcome message for all people who would like to join us and play their roles in our valuable teams.

Be part of RINA

Talent is a treasure and must be always rewarded in return of those skills, capabilities and experience that you bring to us with your work. That’s the spirit that always guides us in our actions and decisions and our goal is to provide our people with values.

Are you ready to make the difference? Visit our career site and join us!

Marina Oppicini