BIM in public tenders: methodology for a cost-benefit analysis -

BIM in public tenders: methodology for a cost-benefit analysis

19 Oct 2020

We've been awarded a tender to develop a model to evaluate the monetary and non-monetary costs and benefits of using BIM in public construction sector

Construction is a strategic sector for developing the European economy, and governments and public players are its largest client base. However, there are some commonly recognised problems that could affect the construction process: levels of collaboration, under-investment in technology and R&D and poor information management.

Implementing BIM (Building Information Modeling) could both solve these issues and bring further benefits to both public and private stakeholders, although it remains unresolved how to effectively evaluate such benefits. For this reason EASME (Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) has announced a tender to develop a methodology for cost-benefit analysis for the use of BIM in public tenders.

RINA has been awarded this project thanks to our long-standing experience in managing complex projects, including the implementation of BIM both in the public sector and in the industrial arena. We'll be further supported by a sub-contractor, B1P Group s.r.l., an international consulting company of engineers and architects with a specific knowledge in BIM-related services and technologies.

The methodology we'll work on together will enable EU public clients to estimate the advantages for their own specific projects, thus fulfilling the objectives set by EASME. More specifically, the project will involve:

  • the creation of a model that measures the costs and benefits of using BIM in public construction projects, also taking into account expenditures, revenues and non-monetary benefits
  • the validation of this model, demonstrating its relevance and practical applicability through at least 6 case studies, representative of different types of projects
  • the drafting of an informative and easy-to-consult handbook, addressed to public entities in the EU that want to learn more about this analysis model.

Alessandro Bozzolo