Bifacial PV Technology Teaser Paper -

Bifacial PV Technology Teaser Paper

14 May 2020

With some bifacial PV plants reporting energy gains of over 20%, the PV industry is showing growing interest deploying such a technology. Find out more in our Teaser Paper

bifacial pv technology

In this technology development scenario, there are a number of technical and yield modelling challenges associated with the BFPV which need to be appreciated by a developer considering its use in new projects.

RINA has prepared a circa 60-page BFPV White Paper discussing these challenges and how they can be managed and mitigated, which is available to clients for a small fee.

The Teaser Paper below provides an overview of these challenges.

If you would like to arrange access to the full white paper for a small fee, or would like to discuss any other aspect of bifacial solar technology with us, please contact us via the form below.

Richard Abrams