Approval of the Mootral methodology -

Approval of world’s first methodology for the reduction of enteric methane emissions 

09 Dec 2019

Verra approved the methodology for reducing methane emissions by inhibiting methanogenesis in ruminants

Verra approved the world’s first methodology to reduce methane emissions from ruminants’ enteric fermentation process.

The methodology is developed by MOOTRAL, a Swiss AgriTech company that develops innovative, scalable and sustainable solutions (for the agricultural systems of tomorrow), and has been recently approved for use with the VCS program (Verified Carbon Standard).

This methodology provides the equations and parameters for calculating the emission reductions produced through the use of methanogen-inhibiting feed supplements. It sets out detailed procedures for quantifying the real GHG benefits of a project. 

During the assessment, GHG and sectoral experts have been involved with the aim to produce an assessment report in accordance with the VCS rules and best practice. 

VERRA annouced the approval as "We are excited to approve VM0041 Methodology for the Reduction of Enteric Methane Emission from Ruminants through the Use of 100% Natural Feed Supplement, and look forward to seeing projects implement the methodology."

Rita Valoroso Senior Lead Auditor