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A responsible sourcing story

04 Dec 2019

Download the white paper that shows the steps to take in order to achieve proactive change in your supply chain

Today, being a brand is about so much more than the delivery of exceptional products and services. The active consumer requires a deeper meaning when it comes to consumption and in that sense corporate social responsibility (CSR) not only has a practical purpose, but it is also an essential tool to shape and reshape brand image, leading to reduced waste and increased revenue in the process.

Studies show that how an individual consumer may feel about a brand, to up to 42% is based around CSR and the brand specific story in relation to CSR that is depicted to the world. As a brand it all comes down to storytelling and how good you are at conveying your story to the world.

Crucial steps to take on your responsible sourcing journey:

  • CSR has to be viewed as an essential cornerstone of your business entity as a whole
  • Encourage close cooperation between your procurement and CSR divisions
  • Ask yourself what your supply chain looks like?
  • Where are your raw materials sourced from?
  • Map out the complexity of your supply chain in terms of intermediaries, subcontractors, home workers etc.
  • Analyze your supplier base and conduct a risk assessment to see where your major risks are to be found

All these steps will require that social capital, trust and transparency has been built with your suppliers over time through a well thought out communication strategy. Collaboration is a key component in the responsible sourcing journey. 

Working to create positive impact

CSR is a corporate measure designed to help companies create positive social impact – on the environment, for stakeholders and for consumers. More importantly is an opportunity for you to tell your story, framing your business as a part of a larger context on a local, national and global level. 

RINA has 150 years of experience helping clients excel within the market space. Whether you are just starting out or you are already well-established we look forward to being part of your responsible sourcing story, creating social impact and building a fairer and more ethical world for all.


Nina Johansson Certification Business Development Manager