GSA GNSS Market Report 2019 available! -

GSA GNSS Market Report 2019 available!

24 Oct 2019

Find out all the latest trends on the global GNSS market

The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) downstream market continues to grow rapidly and, in this context, it is more important than ever to keep on top of developments and trends on the GNSS market.

We are therefore glad to announce that the GNSS Market Report 2019 from European GNSS Agency (GSA), the most authoritative reference document for information on the global GNSS market, has been published.

In particular, Research & Development activities are playing an important role and four of RINA H2020 projects have been mentioned in the report, namely GAUSS, GEO-VISION, LOGIMATIC and ERSAT.

Drones are starting to use European GNSS (EGNSS) to meet the demand for high accuracy

According to the report, an increasing number of drone applications require accurate positional information.

Our H2020 Project GAUSS (funded from the EU H2020 Research & Innovation Programme with Grant Agreement N. 776293) is therefore focused on ensuring that the technological advantages of EGNSS can be applied to the best effect to drones flying in a U-Space concept. As part of GAUSS, data from a number of organizations is used to produce technical, regulatory and performance requirements to enable drone operations and contribute to regulation development and unification. Moreover, some of GAUSS objectives are to improve drones’ positioning, speed and guidance capabilities; ensure drone security and mitigate their vulnerability to cyber-attacks. These improvements are all implemented in drone traffic procedures.

Also GEO-VISION(Grant agreement ID: 641451) is aimed at meeting the demand for high accuracy and the goal of this project was to develop a solution to obtain situational awareness in the physical environment of disaster sites by combining visual content and GNSS information.

EGNSS set to be a key differentiator in the maritime domain

EGNSS acts as a contributor to port vehicle automation in our LOGIMATIC project (Grant agreement ID: 687534), which focuses on the development and demonstration of an innovative location and navigation solution for the automation of the operations of straddle carriers in container terminals. By relying on GNSS and leveraging on the differentiators of Galileo, the project developed an advanced automated navigation solution based on the integration of GNSS and sensors onboard the straddle carriers.

LOGIMATICimplements a GIS-based control module compatible with existing Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) for optimised global (yard level) route planning and fleet management. RINA contributes in the project to define a security mechanism in order to reduce cyber-attacks vulnerabilities for highly automated ports and to timely detect attacks on GNSS signal (spoofing and jamming) ensuring continuity of operations. The solution is tested in real port yards in Greece where the aim is to replace old equipment.

EGNSS is on the way to be introduced in safety-critical applications, such as signaling

The ERSAT GGC (Galileo Game Changer) innovation project will contribute to the roadmap of ERTMS for the adoption of the EGNSS. Particular focus is given to the certification process of the satellite assets, to allow the ERTMS to operate seamlessly with Virtual Balises and thus ensuring the end-to-end compatibility within ERTMS. Validation of EGNSS assets, relevant certification process compatible with the ERTMS Standards, consolidation and certification of the Enhancement of the Functional ERTMS Architecture integrated with satellite based Location Determination System (LDS) are some of project’s high level objectives on which RINA is involved.

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Source: GNSS Market Report, Issue 6, copyright © European GNSS Agency, 2019

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