ISO 56000 World Congress on Innovation Management -

ISO 56000 World Congress on Innovation Management

07 Oct 2019

Innovation is not (only) a matter of good ideas and creativity: it is the result of a systematic approach to value creation, where Strategic Intelligence plays a key role

Today, business environments are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, being characterised by expanding knowledge flows, increasing global competition and continuously evolving scenarios. This creates the need for companies to anticipate change, influence the environment and make timely and informed decisions regarding innovation.

As result of gathering, analysing and interpreting data, information and knowledge, Strategic Intelligence responds to this need providing top management with recommendations to make decisions impacting the vision, mission and innovation activities of an organisation. Indeed, intelligence can be of different kinds, as for example market, technology, competitive, IP or business intelligence, and becomes strategic when it addresses the leadership level and influences the evolution of the organisation as a whole.

To this extent, it is necessary to isolate data and information with high confidence and relevance, and to convert it into knowledge for making strategic decisions through analysis and interpretation. Future-focused leaders are then required to utilise this knowledge to shape their company’s organisational and innovation strategy, increasing adaptation readiness and the capability of turning issues into opportunities.

Strategic Intelligence becomes then valuable not only as a specialised decision support tool, but also as an element of risk reduction as well as a key enabler for growth, allowing organizations to set strategic direction and successfully deploy their development activities. Strategic Intelligence is therefore integral part of an optimal Innovation Management System, as it is also reflected into the recently published ISO 56002 standard.

During the recent ISO 56000 World Congress on Innovation Management in Melbourne (FL), Federico Meneghello, RINA's Technology Development Strategy Manager, chaired a dedicated work session for the development of the new ISO 56006 standard on Strategic Intelligence Management. Experts from all over the world are sharing knowledge and integrating different perspectives to provide companies and organisations with a guidance to implement the Strategic Intelligence development process within their organizational structures.

ISO 56000 World Congress

Federico Meneghello