Doing business in a connected world -

Doing business in a connected world

02 Apr 2019

Markets may be volatile, but there is no denying that opportunities to do business internationally are growing.

New regions are opening up, helped by technologies that facilitate information-sharing and communication. It is getting easier and more valuable to connect with others across the globe.

If multinational companies want to remain ahead, they should ask themselves: Are we getting the best value out of our international connections? Are we sharing our expertise effectively worldwide? How well are we leveraging our networks to deliver global standards at a local level?

At RINA, we believe we do these things well. By combining specialist expertise with an international network of 170 offices in 65 countries, we deliver real benefits to our clients in whichever region they wish to do business.

Our technical expertise is backed by extensive laboratory facilities in Italy and the UK, where we can analyse our clients’ problems, develop innovative technologies to solve them and investigate the solutions in practice. Transparent communication allows clients in India or Saudi Arabia to benefit from these cutting-edge R&D facilities as if they were next door.

We have invested heavily in our laboratory facilities because we understand that precise data and clear analysis are essential to making the right business decisions at the right time. Working across project lifecycles, our Innovation and Competence centres interact at different stages to add value and help our clients meet their development and delivery goals.

Many aspects of business are strongly affected by local markets and conditions. This is where our clients see the value of our international offices, engineers and consultants who truly understand the local markets in which they operate. Our Skills Hub database enables RINA employees to quickly connect with another colleague in the right place and with the right skills and experience for a particular project.

Business and innovation are not just about objective technical performance. Companies often face similar challenges but with different cultural or economic drivers. Our international presence enables us to deliver solutions that fit these different scenarios. That includes factors that often cause multinational companies major headaches, like local registrations, accreditations and agents.

Despite our solid international presence, we continue to invest in knowledge transfer with local partners. This is supported by a trend among many countries to insist that foreign skills providers must involve a quota of local nationals in each project or service. Leveraging local expertise has always been a strength at RINA, because every day and in every project we see the value of our multicultural employee base. Our 3,700 professionals come from dozens of different countries, each bringing their distinct culture, ethos and local knowledge to the table.

Connecting experts from all corners of the earth, transparently and efficiently, are – at RINA at least – the key to successful innovation and smart business worldwide.