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A virtual statistical patient to cope with aneurysms

15 Jan 2018

FTGM project awarded “Best in class” in the ANSYS’ Hall of Fame 2018 Competition

It is always difficult to cope with the growth of aneurysms due to several factors, such as operator dependencies, image modalities and so on.

This is why BioCardioLab FTGM Fondazione Toscana "Gabriele Monasterio" decided to create a virtual statistical patient to analyze alterations in blood flow and blood pressure during the transition of the aorta from a healthy to an aneurysmatic state.

In particular, researchers created a video concerning a Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) application developed in collaboration with the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" and our Industrial Design & CAE team.

Such a numerical approach foresees the coupling of clinical and patient data with ANSYS software to consistently support clinicians in better understanding the blood flow within aortic aneurisms so that aneurism growth and bulge formation can be determined.

We are glad to announce that the project was awarded "Best in Class" in the Hall of Fame 2018 Competition promoted by ANSYS Inc. worldwide.