Smart Manufacturing in Calabria -

Smart Manufacturing in Calabria

18 Dec 2017

Inauguration of Delta H Laboratory

Within the EOMAT and ELIOTROPO research projects, we collaborated with the University of Calabria to the creation of a new laboratory: Delta H.
Delta H will be inaugurated on 20th December to test materials exposed to very high hydrogen pressures.
Due to its capability to carry out both research and development activities, as well as qualified testing activities and the characterization of special materials and components, this new laboratory can be included among the possible equipment installations of our technological offer.
The inauguration will be held at the Aula Magna of the University of Calabria on Wednesday, December 20th, and during the event some new important research projects will also be presented.
At the end of the conference it will be possible to visit the Delta H laboratory, located inside the university structure. 
You can register to the event by 18th December.
The event will be organised in collaboration with the members of the MATELIOS District, a research consortium founded by RINA whose objective is the study and development of materials and advanced technologies for the production of energy production systems from renewable sources. 
Please, visit the official website of the event for further information and to register to the event.