Hydrogen Papers

RINA and Accenture together to offer new solutions for sustainable businesses

RINA and Accenture, global leaders in professional services, have partnered to combine their expertise and knowledge to provide companies with new ideas and suggestions for sustainable business solutions contributing to the decarbonisation process.

As the energy transition gathers pace, many businesses of all sizes are approaching the more innovative green solutions, often involving the huge opportunities offered by hydrogen.

With the aim to successfully face the challenge of the energy transition, RINA and Accenture are developing together a series of informative papers about hydrogen, one of the biggest opportunities for a sustainable future.

Below you can find the paper The colours of hydrogen routes, available for download in pdf format.


The colours of hydrogen routes

The growing need to reduce carbon emissions in all industrial sectors is transforming the current landscape of energy markets and energy carriers. The European Community has set the objective of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 and sets Europe on a responsible path to becoming climate neutral by 2050. This policy has an important impact in all industrial sectors, and it is expected that the reduction in CO2 emissions will progressively accelerate. To achieve the target, radical changes in industrial processes and the introduction of new technologies is needed in all sectors of the economy.