Milan (Italy)

MICO Convention Centre, Milan

The 18th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering - WCEE2024

01 - 05 Jul 2024

Did you know we have extensive knowledge in earthquake engineering projects?

WMM 2024

The 18th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (WCEE2024) is scheduled for June 30 to July 5, 2024, in Milan, and it welcomes international scientists and practitioners to share their expertise, fostering collaboration and innovation in earthquake engineering. 

RINA participates in WCEE2024 to showcase its expertise in Transport & Infrastructure and Geosciences, and an extensive knowledge in earthquake engineering projects. As a key partner for infrastructure managers, operators, and contractors, we provide innovative solutions, focusing on sustainability, efficiency, and safety.  

Discover the topics of the conference

- Seismic hazard assessment is the first stage of multidisciplinary studies in earthquake engineering. With a diverse team of experienced geoscientists, engineers and seismologists, RINA delivers cutting-edge solutions for worldwide projects, providing ground-shaking and surface rupturing hazard for strategic infrastructures, offshore platforms, and power plants in the most challenging tectonic settings worldwide.

- Geotechnical earthquake engineering services ensure seamless project management and cost-effective solutions across various applications including offshore platforms, pipelines, and industrial projects. Tailored assessments, from simplified preliminary designs to detailed site-specific analyses, are conducted to meet project needs at every stage. 

- Earthquake-resistant structures design services, use advanced probabilistic approaches and conventional methods for diverse projects like buildings, bridges, and industrial facilities. Our services prioritise cost-effectiveness, safety, and practicality, offering detailed reports, 3D models, cost-benefit analyses, and value engineering.  

- Seismic assessment and retrofitting of existing structures services, address the challenge of seismic vulnerability in European assets. Our comprehensive services include geotechnical and structural tests, analytical modeling, seismic verifications, retrofit design, and construction supervision. With expertise in base isolation and energy dissipation devices, RINA supports clients throughout the project lifecycle and engage in research projects focused on infrastructure resilience. 

- Asset integrity management service, assists clients with Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and Inspection phases, crucial for earthquake engineering and asset management. RINA designs and implements tailored SHM systems for pre- and post-event phases, providing real-time data for prevention, early warning, emergency management, and damage evaluation.  

- Smart Inspection (SI) solutions enhance safety and functionality of civil infrastructure, supporting maintenance programs and enabling early damage detection.  

- Advanced software and laboratory facilities enable precise modeling and innovative solutions for earthquake-resistant structures. 

Discover our talks

- "Multi-risk assessment for earthquake - trigged natech accidents in major hazard facilities" - A. Chiecco - July 1st - 14:30 - TNM-2 - Monitor 1

- “Comparison of PFDHA Results Obtained from Earthquake and Displacement Approaches” - Fiia Nurminen - July 1st - 15:00 - SHR2 - Monitor 24

- “Feasibility of Probabilistic Liquefaction Assessment in Industrial Practice: Is it Worth the Effort?”- Erika Schiappapietra - July 2nd - 09:36 - GEO9 -Monitor 12

- “Integrated Risk and Resilience Assessment of Critical Infrastructures After Cascading Effects” - Florencia De Maio - July 2nd  - 09:50 - RES1 - Amber 6 

- “Bridging the Gap Between Science and Industry” - July 2nd - 12:00  - Exhibition Area 

- “Seismic Design for Offshore Wind Farms: Current Practices and Open Challenges” - Francesca Ioele - July 3rd - 09:20 - SHR7 - Monitor 29  

- “Seismic Assessment and Retrofitting of Existing Public Buildings: Case Studies and Data Collection” - Florencia De Maio - July 3rd  - 15:35  -  ASR 12 - Monitor 4

- “Seismic Assessment of Bridges: State of the Art Review and Practice-Oriented Considerations” - Federico Gatti - July 5th  - 10:53  - BCI12 - Monitor 3

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