L'Aquila (Italy)

“Luigi Zordan” Conference Center, inside the Monastery of San Basilio

The 11th International Conference Magnetism and Metallurgy - WMM’24

19 - 21 Jun 2024

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WMM 2024

WMM is organized by RINA every two years to bring together experts from the manufacturing industry of Soft and Hard Magnetic Materials scientists and electrical engineers from universities, research groups and industry, as well as companies and institutes involved in industrial applications of Magnetic Materials. 

The programme will include invited lectures and posters, which will certainly be a good reference point for future work and developments in the field in the coming years. All papers will be published in the conference proceedings, which will be distributed to participants at the conference venue. 

Discover the topics of the conference

- Progresses in Electrical Steels and other Soft Magnetic Materials grades 

- Development in Fabrication of Electrical Steels and other Soft Magnetic Materials, and progress on equipment for their manufacturing 

- FeSi Steels, and other Soft Magnetic Materials: advances in the optimum microstructure/texture development, and control along processing route 

- Modeling of Microstructure evolution along processing routes of Electrical Steels and other Soft Magnetic Materials 

- Microstructure and Magnetic properties relations: advances in understanding and products design 

- Soft and Hard Magnetic Materials via Additive Manufacturing 

- New Amorphous and Nanocrystalline magnetic materials to build Motors and Transformers cores 

- High quality “semifinished” electrical steel with high characteristics and their application 

- Electric Mobility applications - Tailoring Material Grades for the different Types of Vehicles 

- Viable solutions to the problem of recharging the EV/HEV batteries 

- “Conventional” and “unconventional” soft magnetic materials adapt to build distribution transformers, suitable in the realization of smart grids for EV/HEV batteries recharging 

- Grades for the diverse Types of Vehicles/Motors: Optimum magnetic materials and Optimum Design 

- Advances in Magnetic measurements and characterizations of soft and hard Magnetic Materials 

- Electrical steel and other Soft Magnetic Materials, and their application to Magnetic field shielding 

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