Milan (Italy)

Allianz MiCo

RINA takes part in the Global Risk Forum

11 - 12 Jun 2024

Paolo Salza - RINA Chief Risk, ESG & Compliance Office - will talk about the risk management governance and scenario analysis

Global RIsk Forum 2024RINA will be present at The Global Risk Forum 2024, part of the Business Leaders Summit, on June 11-12 at Allianz MiCo in Milan.

The event focuses on the Twin Transition, emphasising the simultaneous environmental and technological shifts.

Key themes include the importance of time in risk management, the evolving role of the Chief Risk Officer, and the need for proactive and adaptive strategies.

With a focus on cyber security and artificial intelligence, RINA aims to showcase its expertise and knowledge to help all players meet their targets and ensure compliance with the highest standards.  

What we offer

We deliver comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to empower its clients' resilience. This encompasses compliance assessments for key standards like NIS2, expert guidance on ISO 27001, IEC 62443, and the EU AI Act, and through a strategic partnership with Mastercard, thorough verification and monitoring of supply chain cyber resilience, including quantifiable risk assessments. We also offer consulting and integration services for cybersecurity technologies, as well as vulnerability assessment and penetration testing solutions. 

We aim to position ourselves as a pioneer in exploring the transformative possibilities offered by generative artificial intelligence (AI). Businesses can serve as open-air laboratories for the effects and impact of introducing AI into processes and service delivery. Over the years, we have been able to leverage the offerings of various facets of AI by integrating digital products into its processes that now coexist fully. To better understand the impact of this technology, test, and learn, the company has launched the AI Factory this year: a team capable of developing innovative services that will help clients interpret and anticipate the complex evolving dynamics of markets. 

Discover our speech

- Paolo Salza - "The risk management governance and scenario analysis" -  12 June 2024 at 10.00 am.