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Rome (Italy)

RINA takes part in Cybertech Europe 2023

03 - 04 Oct 2023

Achieve your cyber-security goals with our expertise

Webinar GHG Brazil What are the most innovative approaches to cyber?  

What are the latest trends in cyber technology? 

Would you like to discuss topics including 5g and telecommunications, active defence, and critical infrastructure? 

RINA is taking part in Cybertech Europe, the cyber industry’s foremost networking platform. 

RINA consultancy activities ensure your cyber-security 

Our consultancy activities aim at increasing our clients' cyber resilience and ensuring resilient supply chains. 

Our digital assets, such as HOLOS, allow the economic quantification of cyber risks.  

Moreover, our innate predisposition for standards, management systems, and risk analysis enables us to support our clients at every stage from cyber due diligence to compliance verification and consultation on the most widespread security standards and management systems, including: 

- IEC 62443  
-ISO 27001 
- ISO/IEC 15408. 

Our value proposition spans a broad spectrum of solutions, from the theoretical to the applied approach in offensive security, to technology-provided solutions, and up to industrial control system security. 

Drop by the RINA booth to take advantage of our consultancy services 


Federico Deprati