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Webinar "How to shape a circular future for the construction sector"

09 Mar 2021

The experience of 3 H2020 projects promoting circular economy in buildings

Around 400 million tons of construction and demolition waste, excluding excavation materials, are yearly generated and then mostly landfilled in EU.

On the other hand, concrete is the most widely used material in building, with a growing trend towards prefabrication.

After four years and under the coordination of our Anna Paraboschi, VEEP Project Consortium has developed the following innovative construction materials:

  • A greener and more resistant Silica Aerogel, which is one of the best material for the insulation application
  • New and green concrete formulations
  • Two novel multilayer Precast Concrete Elements (PCEs) through the smart combination of VEEP concrete, aerogel composites and innovative plastic formworks

Moreover, VEEP implemented two upscaling technologies:

  • an Advanced Drying Recovery (ADR), which is a mechanical system of sorting and classifying wet Construction and Demolition Waste particles according to their particle size. The system requires seven working days to dismantle and assemble it again, so a new design to fit the truck and to reduce the assembling/disassembling from 7 days to 1 day has been achieved within VEEP.
  • a novel HAS, which is a technology designed to further expose the fine fraction aggregates into a hot gas so as to remove the associated moisture of aggregates and also destroy undesirable Construction and Demolition Waste contaminants pilot plant (3ton/hour) has been developed. The HAS technology has shown to improve quality properties of the ultrafine recycled particles in an important way for its application as an addition in new green cements.

We are glad to invite you to our project final webinar “The experience of VEEP and other H2020 projects promoting circular economy for buildings” co-organised with the “European Portal for Energy Efficiency in Building – EU Build Up” on 9 March 2021.

During the event, the results of ICEBERG and  Seramco projects will be presented as well.

The event is free of charge: register now!

VEEP has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 723582

Transfer knowledge to the market and share the experience of VEEP and other H2020 projects promoting circular economy for buildings
The webinar is open to all European and worldwide industrial players, as well as researchers, representatives of companies, associations, actors in the building construction sector.

Moderator: Alessio Rimoldi (BIBM – Federation of the European Precast Concrete Industry

  1. Webinar introduction by EU Build Up TeamVEEP in a nutshell by Project Coordinator Anna Paraboschi (RINA)
  2. VEEP Innovative ADR + HAS Technologies: an Interview to Francesco Di Maio (Delft University of Technology)
  3. VEEP Sustainable Concrete: an interview to Jaime Moreno (Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation)
  4. VEEP Green Aerogel: an interview to Francisco Ruiz (Keey Aerogel)
  5. VEEP Innovative Products (formworks, smart connectors andpanels): an interview to Giorgia Eranio (STAM S.r.l.)
  6. A virtual showcase of VEEP mock-ups
  7. VEEP LCA: An interview to Mingming Hu and Chunbo Zhang (CML)
  8. Clustering session: ICEBERG Project presented by Coordinator David Garcia Estevez (TECNALIA) and Seramco Project presented by Coordinator Christian Glock (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern)
  9. Q&A
  10. Conclusions by Project Coordinator Anna Paraboschi (RINA)