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What are the latest and most innovative solar thermal technologies for H&C?

10 Sep 2020

Join us at SunHorizon H2020 Project Stakeholders Workshop

SunHorizon has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement N. 818329 to integrate solar and heat pumps technology with the following objectives: 

  • cover the whole Heating & Cooling demand of the building 
  • maximize solar self-consumption
  • guarantee adequate internal comfort 

In particular, the Project Consortium (under the coordination of RINA) will develop the following six main innovative thermal technologies: 

  • BOOSTHEAT (BH) Heat Pump fueled with natural gas to ensure the Energy demand (especially for hot water) 
  • FAHRENHEIT (FAHR) hybrid sorption/compression chiller (for residential as well as industrial applications) to increase the share of renewables at building level, representing a strong reduction of the dependency on fossil fuels as well as related CO2 emissions, thus strongly de-carbonising the heating/cooling sector 
  • BDR THERMEA (BDR) “Solar hybrid HP” package that considering weather forecast, consumption profile and energy storage capacity can enhance the matching of supply/demand making it predictable and manageable to locally use the whole solar energy self-produced 
  • DUAL SUN (DS) Solar Panel, an advanced hybrid solar (PV-T) technology that produces simultaneously electricity (photovoltaic) and hot water (solar thermal). A key advantage of DualSun panels is their flexibility in orientation, making them adaptable to different types of roofs. 
  • TVP SOLAR SA (TVP) High Vacuum Solar Thermal technology, a radical innovation to solar thermal by maximizing performance while adhering to the construction simplicity and low cost of a conventional flat plate collector.
  • RATIOTHERM stratified thermal storage, which allows energy distribution within the tank by natural convection to preserve the quality of storage and thus this heat gradient 

Would you like to learn more about the latest developments of these innovative technologies? 

We are glad to announce that Alessandra Cuneo – SunHorizon Project Coordinator and RINA Innovation for Energy – will present the project in the framework of “SunHorizon Solar Stakeholders Workshop”, organised with the aim to establish a dialogue between SunHorizon Consortium and the industry and research centres in the sector of solar thermal. Project stakeholders will be invited to share their opinions about the project results and give advice to further improve SunHorizon technologies. 

The participation to the online event is free: register now

Alessandra Cuneo