Marine Industry & Cyber Security - Is there a common strategy? -

Webinar - 4 pm CEST

Marine Industry & Cyber Security - Is there a common strategy?

02 Jul 2020

A webinar focused on the cyber security challenges for the marine industry

maritime-cybersecurity-webinar-rinaThe marine industry is becoming increasingly digital-oriented, as there are countless situations where innovative solutions can support ship owners and managers. At the present time, all modern ships rely on onboard digital systems connected with each other and with the shore. This rise in reliance on digital technologies increases efficiency and has other advantages as well, but leads to a rise in the risk of cyber attacks or unintentional misuse.

In the maritime sector, cyber risk refers to the possibility that a technology asset could be threatened by a potential circumstance or event, which may result in shipping-related operational, safety or security failures as a consequence of information or systems being corrupted, lost or compromised. Cyber security has therefore become a priority for the entire industry. As digital transformation is accelerating, how can marine professionals and operators best protect themselves against maritime cyber risks and vulnerabilities?

In order to answer this question and many others, we are hosting a webinar featuring cyber security experts from Leonardo and GYALA. Join us to learn more about this increasingly critical field on Thursday 2nd July.

Stefano Bertilone, RINA Senior Director – Welcome, Opening Remarks and Speakers’ Introduction

Andrea Cogliolo, RINA Senior Director – Basics and Regulatory Background

Enrico Carrara, RINA Senior Engineer – RINA Guidelines and Additional Class Notation

Germano Matteuzzi, Leonardo Head of Cyber Security Competence Center Engineering & Delivery – A new security posture to face IT/OT cyber threats in the shipping industry

Nicola Mugnato, GYALA General Manager – Ship management system cyber vulnerabilities

Q&A session

Stefano Bertilone, RINA Senior Director – Closing of the meeting