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Electronic Logbook: a digital alternative to the traditional paper logbook

15 Apr 2020

A webinar focused on RINACube application for Marine professionals to reduce paper burden and enhance compliance

RINACube-Electronic-Record-BooksELB (Electronic Logbook) is our cloud application designed for the Marine industry to reduce paper burden onboard and ensure compliance with the International Regulations. Hosted on RINACube, it enhances awareness of what happens onboard with real time synchronization of the ashore platform. It also gives the opportunity to get connected to sensors in order to easily gather the necessary information.

The Electronic Logbook gives more advantages compared to the traditional paper logbook, although both serve the same purpose: it saves time to its users, reduces paperwork onboard and provides advantages through data validation and data sharing. Moreover, the entries carried out onboard are available on shore in order to constantly monitor and support the crew in case of need.

On 15th April, we hosted a webinar aimed at highlighting the main benefits of using Electronic Record Books onboard the vessels. Did you miss the webinar? Contact us from the form below and discover how RINA can help marine professionals and companies on the digital transformation.

The webinar is aimed to shipowners, ship managers and marine professionals interested in receiving information on RINACube Electronic Logbooks.

Spyridon Zolotas – Director of RINA Marine Southern Europe & Africa Area

Dimitris Alexandros Zisimopoulos – RINA Marine Southern Europe & Africa Business Development Manager

Michela Schenone – RINA Marine Digital Solutions Manager


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