SA8000:2014 - Basic Auditor Training Course -

Leatherhead (United Kingdom)

RINA offices

SA8000:2014 - Basic Auditor Training Course

21 - 25 Oct 2019

The CA-15G course is provided by RINA Academy under the SAAS license

Course duration
5 days (36 hours + 2 hour final exam)

List price: 1.000 GBP (+ VAT if due)

Who should apply?

  • Auditors who want to be accredited to perform third party audits according to the SA8000 Standard or second party supplier audits
  • Owners of Company Management Systems requiring the SA8000 standard
  • Personnel with social responsibility in the organisation or in purchasing processes coming from Quality, Human Resources, Security, Purchasing and Supplier Management, etc.
  • Social Responsibility Consultants and System Management Designers
  • Public officials who must assess management systems’ adequacy and social responsibility policies)
  • Trade unionists and officials of non-governmental organisations.

The course is also recommended for managers and operational staff working in public/private sector organisations with the need to understand the evaluation process of their ABMS in order to interact with third party auditors in a constructive manner, and to add value to their internal audit processes to benefit management reviews and determine new objectives for improvement.

Course objectives

To offer professionals, managers and auditors the opportunity to know and understand the so-called "Golden Rule" of social responsibility, useful for:

  • Managing supply chain verifications based on predefined company or international codes
  • Responding to the requirements and controls required by customers
  • Acquiring the qualification of SA8000 Auditor, with in-depth knowledge of the new "tools" necessary for company managers and auditors to manage a complete SA8000: 2014 certification audit cycle.

Content summary

  • The SA8000 Standard and its 9 requirements
  • Practical audit techniques related to compliance with each element of the Standard
  • Verification of SA8000 documents and tools, including an introduction to the Social Fingerprint
  • Importance of the Management System and its implementation
  • Application of methods and techniques for conducting a third-party audit based on the SA8000 standard
  • Basic concepts of social responsibility in the supply chain
  • Knowledge of social audits and social performance
  • Checking for frequent problems and possible solutions
  • Methods and techniques to bring out, evaluate and provide adequate evidence to determine whether or not a system is compliant
  • Ability to prepare accurate, adequate and complete reports and findings of an audit
  • Final exam
  • The course includes case studies, virtual visits to factories, group exercises for learning and the practical application of methodologies.


Passing the final exam allows the release of the "SA8000 Basic Auditor Training Course Completion Certificate". If the final exam (which can be repeated) is not passed, a certificate of attendance will be issued.

Massimiliano Ghittino