Coiltech 2019 -

Pordenone (Italy)

Pordenone Fiere - Halls 5-9

Coiltech 2019

25 - 26 Sep 2019

International exhibition of materials and machinery for the manufacturing of electric motors, generators, transformers and windings in general

Coiltech is the Coil Winding international fair organized by QuickFairs and it deals with materials and machinery for the production and maintenance of electric motors, generators, power and distribution transformers, industrial transformers and windings in general. It brings together leading companies that cover every branch of the supply chain in the field, from all over the world.

Coiltech 2019This year, 59 speakers from both academic institutions and industry will hold their presentations to share technical information and the latest developments.

Moreover, Coiltech organizes the World Magnetic Conference (WMC), where industry experts will show new equipment, technologies, materials, and solutions in order to make electric machines and their production more efficient. In this edition, the topics that will be discussed include: E-Mobility, advanced powertrains for electric vehicles, electric motor industries, transformers, special electrical machines and actuators, materials, technologies and systems, software.

Finally, three EU-funded "Horizon2020" projects chose the World Magnetic Conference to spread the results of their studies:

  • ReFreeDrive, focused on avoiding the adoption of rare earth magnets by developing the next generation of electric drivetrains;
  • Drivemode, to provide highly efficient and compact integrated modular drivetrain components dedicated to different types of cars;
  • FitGen, which aims at developing a functionally integrated e-axle ready for implementation in third-generation electric vehicles.

Guido Chiappa