ISO 37001 auditor and lead auditor training -

London (United Kingdom)

Anti-bribery MS Auditor / Lead Auditor training

12 - 13 Sep 2019

Auditor / Lead Auditor: Anti-Bribery Management Systems according to ISO 37001:2016

Course duration
2 days (16 hours)

List price: 800 GBP (+ VAT if applicable)

Who should apply?
The course is aimed at everyone who wants to acquire specific theoretical and practical knowledge for third party auditing of an Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) according to ISO 37001:2016; in particular those who want to operate as a third party auditors on behalf of a certification service provider, and consultants who want to acquire or improve those skills necessary to perform professional ABMS audits.

The course is also recommended for managers and operational staff working in public/private sector organisations with the need to understand the evaluation process of their ABMS in order to interact with third party auditors in a constructive manner, and to add value to their internal audit processes to benefit management reviews and determine new objectives for improvement.

Course objectives
To illustrate the national and international legal frameworks for Anti-Bribery Management Systems through in-depth analysis, interpretation and application of the standard requirements for the management of third party audits.

Content summary

Day 1 - Anti-Bribery Compliance Programs (introduction)

  • Corporate governance and internal controls, anti-bribery compliance origin and evolution, standards, guidelines and best practice for national and international law
  • UK system of anti-bribery compliance for companies, penal cases
  • The experience of companies with jurisdiction with regard to content, methodologies and techniques of anti-bribery corporate compliance.

Day 2 - ISO 37001:2016 requirements and Anti-Bribery Management Systems (application)

  • The ISO 37001:2016 standard: interpretation, application and verification of individual standard requirements
  • Application of individual standard requirements for third party audit management, exercises and audit management simulations
  • Final written evaluation to complete and pass the course
  • Conclusion

All participants will receive a RINA UK LTD attendance certificate. 
Those who have successfully passed the final written test will receive a certificate of course completion.

Massimiliano Ghittino