SIM HYDRO 2019 -

Nice (France)


12 - 14 Jun 2019

Which models for extreme situations and crisis management?

SimHydro conferences constitute a regular forum where major actors of the hydroinformatic domain and stakeholders meet, share and debate about needs, innovations and implementations of models and their inputs for decision making.

The edition of this year is dedicated to the theme of models for extreme situations and crisis management.

We are glad to announce that Ivan Tesfai - Corporate Research & Development Project Technical Coordination – will present the paper “Decision-making support system for crisis operations and logistics aspects in extreme weather-induced events” in a dedicated session for decision support systems developed in the context of ANYWHERE H2020 project.

ANYWHERE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 700099 in order to establish a pan-European platform on extreme climate risks that will enable to identify, in a number of geographic regions, critical situations that could lead to loss of life and economic damages.

In particular, we developed engineered solutions for supporting decision making to operators and managers of a crisis management room for preparedness and operations purposes, providing also an enhanced awareness of weather impact on transport network. The concept is developed to be technically easy to operate being multi-purpose, agnostic from the hazard event forecasted (i.e. snow, floods, fire, etc.), web-based and not platform and technology dependent. 

Moreover, the solutions are able to 

  • integrate multiple and different operators assignment
  • track decisions and actions taken
  • provide emergency functionalities such as quick calls and messaging
  • display transport scenarios, for freight and passenger, in urban and national context induced by weather forecast.

In conclusion, the main expected impact of this project is to offer advanced technological innovations to Civil Protections, first respondents and other emergency authorities in their management operation before and during disasters and emergencies, specifically supporting them in their decision-making processes to allow faster and more effective responses.

We are waiting for you in Nice!