Cannes Film Festival – Sustainability in Action -

Cannes (France)

Italian Pavilion, Hotel Le Majestic – Salon Marta

Cannes Film Festival – Sustainability in Action

17 May 2019

Everywh2ere H2020 Project Team invited to the 4th Green Panel Discussion of Cannes Film Festival

In the framework of Cannes Film Festival 2019, for the fourth time, Green Film Shooting and Cine-Regio are hosting a panel discussion on Green Film production in order to promote sustainable movie production and shooting.

During this event, various European experts coming from movie production agencies and film commissions will exchange their experience with sustainable Film/TV production and green cinema.
Sustainable initiatives, projects and actions have taken root throughout the world since the first green seeds were sown in the film industry and filmmakers now understand that environmentally-friendly production is not rocket science. And European productions followed "Green Film shooting" best practices similar to those one promoted in Steven Spielberg’s Hollywood movie "The Post" did.

At the panel discussion, film producers and film fund managers will discuss the green ways they want to take to decarbonize film shooting where also Fuel Cell and hydrogen can play a relevant role.

The green measures that the film industry could take include obviously temporary power generation for movie sets: we are glad to announce that Stefano Barberis, RINA R&D Opportunity Management, and Stefania Marongiu, RINA R&D Project Financial Coordination, have been invited to join the 4th Green Panel Discussion of Cannes Film Festival as Project Coordinators of EVERYWH2ERE, to promote the use of EVERYWH2ERE zero emission gensets as power production units for the movie sets.

In fact, EVERYWH2ERE has been funded from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking under grant agreement No 779606 and supported from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe research in order to develop 8 Fuel cell equipped containered “plug and play” transportable gensets. 

These gensets are overcoming traditional gensets solutions mainly based on diesel engines providing a zero emission – zero noise solution which is useful for this kind application often happening in cities and urban environments in night period. Currently EVERYWH2ERE prototypes will be tested in construction sites, music festivals and urban public events all around Europe, demonstrating their flexibility and their enlarged lifetime EVERYWH2ERE Project therefore meets the new needs of the Filmmaking Industry by providing it with a sustainable option to temporary power generation.

This event will give the opportunity to the consortium to promote the use of the FC gensets also in movie industry for future demonstration and market exploitation.

Visit the official project’s website for more updates.


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Laura Bertolacci