Research, Technologies and Regulations for Local Energy Communities -

Local Energy Community Event

Brussels (Belgium)

VLEVA Auditorium

Research, Technologies and Regulations for Local Energy Communities

15 May 2019

Join us in Brussels to learn more about the new MUSE GRIDS H2020 Project and smart energy systems

Local energy communities and smart energy systems are key elements to increase the use of renewable energy resources at a local level, helping locations with weak connections to the national grid to maximise their energy independence whilst also reducing carbon emissions.

As Project Coordinator of MUSE GRIDS, a project started in November 2018 thanks to the collaboration of an 18 international partners, we are glad to invite you to the event “Local Energy Communities: Exploring Research, Technologies and Regulations for their Implementation in Europe”. 

The event is organised by EASE, the European Association for Storage of Energy and dissemination leader of the project, with the collaboration of other three H2020 project related to local energy communities: Compile, Merlon and Story

Stefano Barberis – Corporate R&D Opportunity Management – will present our new project, funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation Programme under grant agreement No 824441 to demonstrate a set of both technological and non-technological solutions targeting the interaction of local energy grids (electricity grids, district heating and cooling networks, water networks, gas grids, electrical mobility etc.). 

In particular, MUSE GRIDS Energy Management will empower local energy communities in two complementary and advanced demosites:

  • In Osimo, a town on a top of a hill in Italy, we will demonstrate that the interaction among several energy networks (gas, electricity, district heating and water network), together with energy storage systems, will contribute to the decarbonisation of the municipal microgrid.
  • In Oud HEverlee, a rural neighbourhood in Belgium, we will demonstrate the synergy of a neighbourhood strategy for flexibility and grid balancing

During the event, a panel discussion will tackle the main points needed for the establishment of successful energy islands, considering innovations, integration between different sectors and technologies, and regulations on an international and national level and, in the afternoon, a workshop on energy local communities will take place. 

Register now and meet us in Brussels!

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Stefano Barberis