REHAP First Webinar -


12noon BST / 1pm CET

REHAP First Webinar

20 May 2019

Results, insights and developments of novel materials from agriculture and forestry waste for commercial use in the green construction sector

Responding to the ambitious targets set in the EU’s Europe 2020 strategy of sustainable patterns of consumption and production, REHAP is an EU-funded project facilitating a significant step towards a better use of natural resources by creating novel materials from agricultural and forestry waste, while decreasing the use of fossil resources and energy in the process industry.

As Project Partner of REHAP (funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research innovation programme under grant agreement No. 720670), we are glad to invite you to join the first Project Webinar “Biomass feedstock and valorisation: an introduction and insight into transforming agroforestry waste into high added-value commercial and sustainable products developed by the REHAP project”. 

The webinar will take a close look at the progress being made after two years’ work in creating these novel materials from agriculture and forestry waste for commercial use in the green construction sector.

In particular, Andrea Leoncini – Corporate Technology Upscaling – will present an overview of the approach and the main activities to assess the sustainability of the developed products, from an environmental, economic and social perspective, in comparison to identified fossil-based counterparts.

The webinar will spread on-going project results to provide a picture of the processes the project is developing and using to produce and up-scale waste material into pilot scale eco-friendly products and demonstrate their sustainability and business potential compared to existing solutions.

The webinar is free and will last one hour.

Would you like to listen and discuss live research and results on the topic of biomass feedstock and valorisation which is becoming ever more pressing and important issues across the EU?

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Andrea Leoncini