OMC 2019 -

Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition 2019

Ravenna (Italy)

Pala de André

OMC 2019

27 - 29 Mar 2019

Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition: meet us at stand H6

The Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition is a biennial event that draws to Ravenna the major international oil companies, from Europe, Nord Africa and the Middle East. The 2019 edition will be held at the Pala de André complex, on the eastern outskirts of Ravenna.

RINA operates successfully in the Oil & Gas market, providing innovative and effective services around the world. A wide spectrum of clients who are designing, building and operating energy assets turn to RINA for support during the whole asset lifecycle. Whether upstream, midstream or downstream, our team can help reach sharp, cost effective solutions.

We will attend the conference with 8 presentations:

  • Seismic design for the Mediterranean Sea - Engineering basics for project planning - Wednesday 27th, 4:25 PM (Room D - Innovative offshore development schemes)
    Speaker: Eric Parker
    Co-authors: Omar Zanoli, Marcello Cademartori, Pamela Poggi, Lorenzo Zuccarino

  • Analysis and comparison of different solutions for produced water management - LCA and biodiversity impact assessment - Thursday 28th, 9:00 AM (Room D - Managing the environmental footprint)
    Speaker: Martino Pedullà
    Co-authors: Valeria Caia, Maurizio Florio, Marco Compagnino, Paola Rentocchini - RINA; Carlo Alberto Cova, Melania Buffagni, Elena Pavanel -ENI Upstream

  • Fuelling regional growth: still a dream or a concrete possibility? - Thursday 28th, 11:00 AM (Room D - Sustainability of Oil&Gas activities)
    Speaker: Giorgio Urbano
    Co-author: Elena Rocco

  • Machine learning application in jacket life extension - Thursday 28th, 3:20 PM (Digital poster - Asset Integrity)
    Speaker: Andrea Basso
    Co-author: Stefano Copello

  • Filling the gaps: a case study of a Red Sea coastal and marine biodiversity baseline study - Thursday 28th, 4:25 PM (Room B - Blue growth)
    Speaker: Marco Donato
    Co-authors: Maurizio Florio, Marco Compagnino

  • LNG market development: small-scale plants. Environmental and Italian permitting focus - Friday 29th, 11:00 AM (Room C - Regional challenges)
    Speaker: Marco Compagnino
    Co-author: Alessandro Puppo, Maurizio Florio

  • Probabilistic liquefaction assessment of Zohr development project landfall area - Friday 29th, 11:00 AM (Room C - Case studies)
    Speaker: Omar Zanoli
    Co-authors: Agnese Murianni, Daniele Bertalot, Aldo Tinebra, Angelo Torre- RINA; Stefano Treccosti -ENIprogetti

  • DROMOSPLAN - Innovative platform of autonomous UAVs for monitoring and inspecting infrastructures and industrial sites - Friday 29th, 9:00 AM (Room C - Augmented/virtual reality and monitoring)
    Speaker: Roberto Piancaldini
    Co-authors: Ugo Chiarotti - RINA, Julian Kremeier, Martin Thelen-VDEhBetriebsforschungsinstitut GmbH, Christian Clees -Multikopter, Luca Bancallari - MBDA Italia S.P.A., Tim Kölscheid.

The OMC Exhibition is the premier marketplace in the Mediterranean region for the gas, oil and energy industrial supply chain. Visiting it is free of charge and is open to all interested professionals. If you are interested, please register here.

Leonardo Brunori