Digital Ship Cyprus 2019 -

Limassol (Cyprus)

Carob Mill Restaurants Ltd

Digital Ship

14 Mar 2019

Michela Schenone - Fleet management specialist, will host a panel about Data Driven Fleet Performance Management

Ship professional are looking harder and harder at vessel performance. As regulation pushes up fuel costs, we see carbon emission costs on the horizon, and people recognise that the general trend is to reduce carbon in general. Achieving good ship management results means not only get the vessels to manage, but also exploit the best which digital technology is able to offer.

We'll take part in the 12th Digital Ship Cyprus forum with Michela Schenone - Fleet management specialist, with a panel about Data Driven Fleet Performance Management (3.30 PM). Her speech will mainly deal with two topics:

  • propulsion targets: different techniques comparison
  • data driven ship degradation and intervention analysis

We will showcase RINACube, our open and cloud-based platform for digitally augmented services, providing companies with utmost level of services and a holistic view of the shipping market through a single sign on. The platform can gather and integrate data from various sources and use them to take strategic and operational decisions, drive down costs and increase efficiency.

Fleet Operation Center (FOC) and Performance Management (OPTIMUM) are the first applications totally designed and implemented on RINACube. The first one uses tracking and data-analysis platform to enable real-time information sharing between ships and onshore teams designed to support fleet operations and increase safety. The second is a modular suite based on automatic data acquisition, associated with analytics and reporting tools, to provide indication on how to reduce fuel consumption and adopt data driven fleet management.

Cyprus Digital Ship Vessel Performance Optimisation forum will provide invaluable information for anyone interested in learning more about applying digital technology to improve performance analysis and operate more fuel efficiently.

Visit the event website to find out more.

Michela Schenone