Lyon (France)



05 - 08 Mar 2019

As partner of UPTIME H2020 Project, RINA is taking part in the fair dedicated to the Industry of the Future

Nowadays products have become more and more complex thanks to the evolution of technology and, consequently, the costs of maintenance for the companies have increased: how can we reduce those high costs?

We are glad to invite you to Global Industrie 2019, the fair dedicated to the Industry of the Future, where we are going to present the innovative project UPTIME.

UPTIME has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 768634 in order to Reframe the predictive maintenance strategy in a systematic and unified way with the aim to fully exploit the advancements in ICT and maintenance management by examining the potential of big data infrastructure taking into account the Gartner’s four levels of data analytics maturity and the proactive computing principles. 

In particular, UPTIME will deliver a novel e-maintenance services and tools to support the daily work of maintenance engineers as well as the overall maintenance management with the aim to optimize in-service efficiency. In this way, UPTIME solution will allow to deploy a Unified framework for predictive maintenance that will:

  •  determine a 10% increased in-service efficiency through reduced failure rates, downtime due to repair, unplanned plant/production system outages and extension of component life
  • more widespread adoption of predictive maintenance as a result of the demonstration of more accurate secure and trustworthy techniques at component, machine and system leve
  • increased accident mitigation capability

RINA will be represented at the fair by Mrs Manuela Gussoni, responsible of UPTIME Workshop organization and by Manuele Barbieri, RINA Technical Coordinator of the Project.

Would you like to learn more about UPTIME?

Join us at Global Industrie 2019 on 7 and 8 March!


Manuele Barbieri