Crew Competence Management Systems Presentation -

London (United Kingdom)

Intercargo Office

Crew Competence Management Systems Presentation

14 Feb 2018

Attend the presentation organized by RINA and Intercargo

RINA and Intercargo, the international association of dry cargo shipowners, organise a conference about crew competence management systems. 

Nowadays, there is a growing need among shipping companies in systematic assessment of skills for onboard personnel. 
A competence management system is a voluntary system that has the purpose to asses, monitor and continuously improve the competence of on board and ashore personnel. It can therefore meet this need as it should fill gaps between qualification and real competence in a continuous process to improve the skills (both technical and non-technical) of crew onboard sea going vessels. 

We are glad to share our technical expertise on this important subject and, in particular, the presenter of the event will be Mr. Stefanos Chatzinikolaou, Manager of RINA Academy Hellas – Research & Innovation.

The event's agenda is:

  • competence management development steps 
  • assessment of competence
  • web portal for CMS
  • RINA rules for CMS

The presentation will be held at Intercargo’s London office (9th Floor, St Clare House, 30-33 Minories) from 12.00pm to 14.00pm.

As places will be limited, please contact Intercargo to attend the conference.

Stefanos Chatzinikolaou