Sustainability Report 2020 -

Sustainability Report 2020

26 Jul 2021

We aim at bringing together people, the planet and organisations to anticipate the challenges of the future and improve quality of life

Ugo Salerno, Chairman & CEO RINA

2020 has been a tough year for the whole world. Our lives changed and so did our way of working. RINA reacted extremely promptly to the pandemic. We established a crisis committee to safeguard the health of our personnel from the Covid-19 outbreak in January 2020. In the first days of March, well before the official alerts of many governments, we opted to implement smart working for all personnel, worldwide.

Even though our offices were empty, and our experts were no longer travelling around the world as they used to, we managed to keep on delivering our services. This safeguarded the business continuity of our clients while guaranteeing safe working conditions. Those were hard times, yet also a chance for us to prove that our digital-based services, such as remote inspections, are extremely effective. We also supported companies in coping with a safe opening or re-opening by offering new services, such as the Biosafety Trust Certification.

In this difficult context, we demonstrated resilience. The results of all our efforts are now visible in our financial results which, although of course not in line with our pre-pandemic forecast, show an improvement compared to 2019.

These achievements are not just the results of our success in reacting to the emergency. They are also the consequence of choices made in previous years, when we decided to take advantage of the potential of digital solutions applied to our businesses and work, of investing in innovation, and of driving change in our organisation. In the end, this is the result of putting in place our vision and our strategy.

We want to move further in this direction and strengthen our strategy.

I am proud to say that sustainability is one of the main pillars of our strategic plan. In particular, people - our main asset - and our current and future role in decarbonisation will drive our growth.

The world has set ambitious targets for decarbonisation for the next decades. The European Commission has presented its plan to reduce EU greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels, with the ambition to drive the EU to climate neutrality by 2050.

Companies must be ready, and we as RINA are proud to say we can support them in this important transition towards a better world. One of our contributions to this goal is to become carbon neutral by 2023.

Our Purpose statement says: “To bring together people, the planet and organisations to anticipate the challenges of the future and improve quality of life”. I strongly believe in these words and, there, I can touch with my hands how much RINA cares about overcoming environmental challenges and enhancing the quality of life of the whole of humanity.