How does unconscious bias effect you at work? -

How does unconscious bias effect you at work?

09 Sep 2020

RINA employees had the opportunity to attend this important training course

Do you know that we all perceive others in a way we are often unaware of and that these underlying beliefs can have huge repercussions in the workplace, as well as on diversity and inclusion? 
It is the so-called unconscious bias and many studies have demonstrated its impact on all of us as individuals. 

For example, people can find themselves in a lower status group due to things such as their gender, race, nationality, age, sexual orientation and so on; basically for reasons that are to do with factors other than their talent and can miss out on opportunities because of it. 

RINA wants to harness the diverse talents of a wide mixture of people and ensure to embrace new ideas and different approaches. 

We believe innovation is key to change and staying ahead of our competitors and we do not want there to be any barriers in the way to stop us from achieving that.
We are glad to announce that we have made an engaging and interactive learning experience available for all RINA employees, which covers four common types of bias in the workplace that have been well researched:

  • Performance Bias
  • Performance Attribution Bias
  • Likability and Trade Off Bias
  • Maternal Bias

This is just one of the projects carried out to achieve a real change and make all RINA employees aware of the impact they can have on others in the workplace