WMM' 20 - Invited speakers

Name Affiliation Subject for lecture State
Dr Ludger Lahn Thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel Developements in GO products Germany
Dr Stefan Zaefferer Max-Planck-Institut fuer Eisenforschung Origin of Goss grains in GO steel Germany
Prof Leo Kestens University of Gent Innovative methods to control texture evolution Belgium
Prof Luca Ferraris Politecnico di Torino
Progress on modelling the effects of magnetic
materials characteristics on the electrical
machines performances
Dr Sebastiao Paolinelli Aperam South America
GO ES production through steckel mill Brasil
Prof. Marco Villani University of L'Aquila
Motor design optimization and role of elecSoft
magnetic materials (or Motor design with
unconventional Soft Magnetic materials)
Dr Mircea Popescu Motor Design Limited
Electrical steel and motors performances,
role of lamination thickness
Whales - UK
Prof Indradev Samajdar Indian Institute of Technology Mumbay Texture evolution during processing of
GO/NGO strips
Dr Eric Theisen Metglas Inc Overview about Amorphus/nanocristalline materials
and their production method recent new
developments in Amorphus/nanocristalline
 Dr Bernd Grieb  Magnequench GmbH Bonded Magnets: developments in the field of
material grades (e.g. new grades by improved
processes, Cerium containing materials)  and magnetization design improvements
 Dr. Seil Lee Posco Final Annealing of NGO ES: effects by the Annealing Conditions on the resulting Microstructure and Texture  Korea
 Mr. Marco Alvelli  G-iron SRL  Shielding of low frequency EM fields  Italy
 Dr. Shenglin Chen  Wuhan Iron and Steel Co.  Thin Strip Casting for Fe 6.5% Si.  China

WMM '20

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