WMM' 20 - Manuscript and Poster guidelines

To upload your abstract, visit the dedicated page

Preparation of Manuscripts

Manuscripts in word format will be accepted. 
The guidelines for the preparation of publications in Word format are given below. 
The maximum length of your paper shall be:
- 20 for invited speakers
- 15 for poster presenter

To improve the quality and the accessibility of the proceeding we decided to include only papers not power point presentations. 

Please send us your manuscript as a Microsoft Word DOC or DOCX file via email to secretary’s office of the WMM' 20:
Dr. Cristina Forzanti Tel: +39 0744487306
Via di Castel Romano, 100
00128, Rome, Italy Email:  wmm20@rina.org

The deadline for the manuscript is 03.08.2020.

Format of the article guidelines

Please prepare a word document using the attached word template with the following format:
• Title of the article : Arial 18 bold
• Summary and main paragraph’s title : Arial 16 bold
• Sub-paragraph’s title :  Arial 14 bold
• Sub-sub-paragraph’s title: Arial 12 bold
• Text: Arial 12
• For horizontal alignment, Justification shall be selected
• Please use Single Spacing
• Please observe the following selections for margins on A4 pages (21 cm x 29,7 cm):

Figures and tables

Please consider that the procedings will be printed in full color: feel free to use both color and black and white pictures as long as they have sufficient contrast and good readability.
As for the readability of labels and legends, please note that page size will be slightly reduced  in the proceedings. 
Please adopt the following format:
Figures: write the caption below the picture, adopt Arial 12 (es ‘Figure n° X: Title’)
Tables: write the caption above the picture, adopt Arial 12 (es ‘Table n° X: Title’)
For both Figures and Tables captions horizontal alignment, Centered shall be selected
For both Figures and Tables horizontal alignment, Centered shall be selected

File name for upload

Please upload the article in either .doc or .docx for ease of review; if neither format are possible the .pdf format is also acceptable
Name the file as follows: Surname.Name.Date(yyyy.mm.dd).doc (es Black.James.2019.12.25.doc)
Please upload only one version of the same file at a time; if multiple versions of the file are uploaded only the last one will be considered.
Please avoid the use of special characters (es /, à, #...)

Poster guidelines

70 (l) x 100 (h) cm


Upload your manuscript

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