XIII Edition - Online course


16 - 20 May 2022

European Advanced Training Course for the Worldwide Steel Sector

Eurosteelmaster 2022

The steel industry is experiencing a rapid worldwide evolution in terms of management structures, technology and business. In this context, technological innovation and digitalization play a fundamental role.

These developments have deep implications for the steel market as well as for the production cycle.

Anyhow starting especially from last year onward, business conditions in the steel-using sectors are supportive to growth.

Consequently, steel demand is expected to continue its gradual grow.

In order to successfully manage these developments, operatives need to possess analytical and managerial skills, supported by a deep knowledge of the steel industry.

This is essential to allow the management to be actively involved in the implementation of company policies and to shape and contribute positively to on-going developments.

Which is the registration fee?

  • Full fee: 650,00 Euro (+VAT)
  • Student fee: 250,00 Euro (+VAT)

The Eurosteelmaster is aimed at managers, researchers, students, trade unionists and other professionals operating in the entire value chain of the steel sector.

Participants should possess a university degree or equivalent experience.

The course is organized by RINA with the support of EUROFER, IndustriAll, ESTEP - European Steel Technology Platform, Federacciai, European Commission. Cooperation with EU and worldwide interested parties, on the basis of enrollment of participants from the main steel and related companies, is highly welcomed.

Registration can be made online or through the registration form which can be downloaded here.

To register send the application form to:

Registration fee

- Full fee: 650,00 Euro (+VAT)

- Student fee: 250,00 Euro (+VAT)

Andrea Tropeoli