Cyber Security in 2021: new challenges and opportunities for ships -

Webinar - 2.30 pm CEST

Cyber Security in 2021: new challenges and opportunities for ships

30 Oct 2020

A webinar focused on cyber security requirements and how to approach them


Over the past three years, cyber threats increased by more than 40% in the European Union, with a strong negative impact on businesses across industries. This also concerns the maritime and shipping sector. Ship companies and owners need to work on a strategy to mitigate the potential consequences of cyber attacks.

Today, organizations are beginning to complement their cyber security strategy with cyber resilience. Cyber resilience is the capability to limit the effects of cyber events affecting computer-based systems onboard which may result in an impairment of the safe operation of the ship. Our innovative solutions are designed to support shipowners and shipbuilders in dealing with these critical issues.

As we aim to help marine companies and professionals to be prepared to the changing threat landscape and to be compliant with the new requirements of appropriately addressing cyber risks in their Safety Management System not later than the first annual verification of the company’s Document of Compliance, we are hosting a second webinar dedicated to this increasingly important topic. Join us on Friday 30th October to learn how to address the next cyber security challenges.

Stefano Bertilone, RINA Senior Director Marine Advisory Services and Italy Marine Business Development (moderator) – Opening Remarks and Speakers’ Introduction

Andrea Cogliolo, RINA Senior Director Marine Excellence Centre (MESEC) – Cyber resilience: Rules overview on marine sector 

Enrico Carrara, RINA Senior Engineer Marine Digital & Innovation – ISM Code: what an owner has to implement?

Q&A session