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Steelmaster 2018

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Genoa (Italy)


Steelmaster 2018 - I week

01 - 05 Oct 2018

Training in steel industry as a resource for the new millennium

Steelmaster, the high level course for middle management of the Italian steel industry, aims to provide new tools and methodologies to outline a complete picture of the sector at national, European and international level.

Now in its XXII edition, it is organized as always over two weeks:

  • Genoa (Italy) 1-5 October: historical aspects, Italian and European steel industry today, production technologies, management and control systems of costs and financial performance
  • Padua (Italy) 5-9 November: thematic modules on circular economy and industry 4.0, examples of application, European industrial policy research and innovation, human resources management, maintenance and logistics

Steelmaster 2018

Steelmaster 2018

Thanks to the efforts of RINA and the Italian steel companies and their national and European associations, Steelmaster provides a high level training contribution, helping professionals to orient themselves in a complex and constantly evolving environment, which has to face a crisis not still completely outdated and which has recently seen renewed attention from the institutions.
Steelmaster is organized by RINA, in collaboration with Federacciai  with the support of ESTEP - European Steel Technology Platform.

To facilitate broader participation, this edition of the course is complemented by two specific modules dedicated respectively to the topics of Industry 4.0 and Circular Economy, both of which will take place in the second week and to which it is possible to register.

Digital transformation of companies, that in manufacturing is Industry 4.0, represents the challenge the steel ecosystem is now approaching. The module Industry 4.0 will present to attendees both a possible vision and some in-depth analyses such as the new organization and business models, blockchain and predictive maintenance managed by artificial intelligence.

The current industrial economy is based on a linear model of resource consumption that follows the flow "take-produce-dispose". Circular economy is an important alternative to the still predominant linear model. Steel has always been at the center of a circular economic model and is still a vital material both in terms of durability and recyclability. The Circular Economy Module analyzes business models and industrial initiatives with examples of real applications, particularly in the steel industry.

In each week a workshop was also included, with free participation, aimed at disseminating the results obtained from research projects funded by the Research Program of the European Commission's Coal and Steel Research Fund.

The workshop of the first week, in Genoa, is dedicated to the presentation of the European project Jabaco, which promotes the development of prefabricated steel jacket for offshore wind farms. The objective to be achieved is the optimization of the manufacture of the jackets, considering that a large part of the investment for offshore wind energy is absorbed by the substructures.

The workshop of the second week, in Padua, is promoted by the Integrated Intelligent Manufacturing (I2M) working group, of the European technology platform for ESTEP steel. The aim is to promote the DissI2M project to disseminate the results of over 40 projects funded by the EU Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) in the field of industrial digitalization and in particular in the steel industry.

Course director: Enrico Gibellieri
Course coordinator: Andrea Tropeoli