Polcevera bridge

We supervise both the demolition and the construction of the new bridge, which is set to become a new landmark in this city and Mediterranean port

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Transport & Infrastructure Start date: 15/12/2018
End date: 03/08/2020

RINA Consulting S.p.A. has been awarded the contract for PMC, Construction Supervision, Health & Safety and Quality Assurance of the new motorway bridge in Genoa, replacing the former bridge which collapsed on August 14th, in 2018.

The project, which is valued in excess of 200 €M, will carry approximately 60,000 vehicles per day and when completed will give to Genoa a new important infrastructure.

Phase 1: demolition

The dismantling phase involves the use of several combined methods: cutting and disassembling, crumbling, and in some cases demolition by explosives.

All this is guided by the requirement of safe and healthy solutions for workers and for the population and by the need to carry out the demolition operations as soon as possible, in order to free the building sites to the next construction activity.

Project planning and deconstruction of the remaining parts of the bridge superstructure started on 15th December 2018.

Our role, extended to both the demolition and the construction of the new bridge, spans from the engineering and management technical support to the Special Commissioner Office through the Project Coordination and the Owner Engineering.

Phase 2: reconstruction

The two dismantling and reconstruction phases will partially overlap. This represents a very big challenge in a confined environment. The new bridge which has been designed by Renzo Piano will be long 1,1 km, and over 45m high and it will be completed in the first part of 2020 followed by a 3-month test period.

Our construction management activity will include the responsibility of Works Management and Safety Coordination in the executive phase. Finally, our work includes construction management and quality Assurance along all phases.

February 9, 2019. Morandi Bridge demolition begins

The demolition work first focused on dismantling a 36 metre-long and 18 metre-wide girder and lowering it to the ground, 43 metres at 5 m/h.


morandi bridge genoa rinarina consulting morandi bridgeponte morandi genova
To date, some major sections are being lowered to the valley floor on the west side and preparation activities to the demolition of the est side are ongoing.
Photo credit: Andrea Botto