Procurement Inspections: Correct Quality on the first time

GAP Insaat relies on RINA for the delivery of goods to the project site with required level of quality on required timeframe.

Business Time Project Coordinator
Transport & Infrastructure Start Date: 2014
End Date: Ongoing
GAP Insaat



International Turkmenbashi Port Project is world’s one of the biggest and multidisciplinary construction project. It is consisting of many different disciplines from Infrastructure to Energy, from Marine to Automotive, also including hundreds of building (architecture to superstructure elements). This huge project requires enormous number of procurement activities from different fields of expertise and from different countries around the world.
With a very demanding timeline, GAP Insaat’s challenge was to provide all necessary materials to the site, with required level of quality and timeframe needed. Because of the highest quality expectation of project owner, GAP Insaat need to work many countries around the world.


RINA was responsible provision on any material on site with the level of quality and timeline required.
Thanks to our worldwide organization, we are able to provide procurement inspection and expediting services for the materials/systems of very different types and disciplines.
We formed a management center in Turkey for Procurement inspection/expediting activities to support every local team during inspection activities in their country. Such team is responsible as single contact point for GAP Insaat.
We provided a project specific instruction, report formats and provided to each relevant country. With the cooperation of our Turkey team, we provided also technical support to the countries where the inspections took place.
According to the design of management of the services, each local team was responsible for commercial and operational activities with relevant manufacturer/provider. This gives autonomy and elasticity to the relevant office. By this, communication and operation between local office and manufacturer/provider became more efficient.
Key skills provided were:

  • Central management of the client and technical issues which provides homogenous quality of service to the client worldwide
  • Worldwide office network strengthen with EDIF, QIC offices to cover each manufacturer/provider efficiently with convenient costs.
  • Strong technical expert network to be able to cover a huge variety of materials/systems and disciplines
  • Local approach to each provider to enhance understanding of geography specific issues, expedites activities, ease of commercial operations.
  • Multidisciplinary fields of expertise that enabled us to response very specific skill requirements of the client.


With the above said organization and skills provided combined with huge experience provided by us, the correct and on time delivery of materials and systems to the site is assured.